Besides the fact that you graduated from high school, what do you remember from 1968? Test your memory!!
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It's hard to believe that in a few months, we will gather the Class of 1968 for our 50-year reunion! The Reunion Committee is busy planning some great celebrations of this accomplishment, and we hope you'll be here to join in the fun!

Please make sure that we can reach you! We're updating our records through the UA Alumni Association, and we'll post everyone's email addresses on the Class of 1968 page of If you've moved, or if you're not sure if we have your most current home address, phone number, and email address, please visit the Directory page and follow instructions there.

We'd like to send a special "Thank you!" to Bonnie Schoenborn Dietrich, who designed the Class of 1968 50-Year reunion logo that you see to the left, and at the top of each page of the website. She even incorporated the spirit of The City of Upper Arlington's Centennial Celebration. In 2018, UA will celebrate its 100th birthday, having been founded in 1918.

Please visit this website often for more information and details about our upcoming class reunion!


The Upper Arlington Alumni Association (UAAA) honors two or more outstanding and distinguished alumni each year at UA Alumni Day, which is held annually during the 4th of July Reunion Weekend. UAAA enjoys honoring alums in their reunion years so that the class can gather to celebrate that person's accomplishements and their UAAA award.


An OUTSTANDING ALUMNUS is an alum (or group of alumni) who has generously dedicated his or her time to the service of the Upper Arlington Alumni Association and its mission. This service can include volunteer time dedicated to the schools or the community.

A DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS is an alum (or group of alumni) who is honored for his or her personal educational or career achievement.

See the names of UAHS alumni who have been honored in past years.
Nominate an alumnus online.
Print the UAAA Awards Nomination Form.

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