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The Upper Arlington Alumni Association (UAAA) provides an email directory for all UAHS alums who request to be listed.

Visit's 1968 Email page and look up your classmates by the last name he or she used in high school. Then click the person's name on the right and send that friend an email message.

Names at the bottom on this page, in italics, indicate 1968 classmates for whom UAAA does not have a current home mailing address. If your name is there, please update your address with UAAA. If you see a friend's name on that list and you know their address, please email UAAA with the information. Thank you.

See the page for the Class of 1968.

Complete this form to have your name and email address added to the 1968 page.

IMPORTANT: Due to privacy and security concerns, each grad must submit his or her own email address in order to be listed on this page; therefore, if you do not see your name, it is only because you have not yet sent in your request.

UAAA MEMBERSHIP: The UA Alumni Association makes available to all alums, including non-members. Please consider that reunion time is a great opportunity to show support for the organization that enables all of us to stay in touch with one another! For example, UAAA provided the mailing labels for the postcards we sent to you, free of charge, and they will provide another set when we send reunion invitations to the class.

Please join UAAA here.

WE COUNT ON YOU to update your contact information with UAAA when you move, change your home address, phone number, or email address. Please update your contact information now.

The following is a list of Classmates for whom we do not have current addresses or emails. Please contact the committee at if you have any information to help us reach them. Thank you.
NOTE: The ladies are listed by maiden names/last name in high school. Married names are in parentheses.
Adams, Sam
Jeffries, Steve
Alexander, Pam (Musgrave) Jessup, Paul
Armitage, Sue (Wright) Jividen, Glendal (Smith)
Aschinger, Jan (isaacs) Joecken, Suzanne
Basford, Bev Johnson, Doug
Beightol, Peggy Johnson, Marty (Carter)
Bland, Kathy (Cochran) Jones, Bob
Bracken, Polly (Valenzuela) King, Dave
Breeze, Ron Konneker, Wendy (Ranzinger)
Brenner, Jane (Scarborough) Larsen, Sandy (Frick)
Brooks, Joan (Dudgeon) Lemire, Brenda
Brown, Larry Lepley, Cheryl (Kuehn)
Burtch, Jeff
Marshall, Barb
Caldwell, Mike McBride, Steve
Calvert, Rick Moore, Bill
Carr, Jerry Morales, Dave
Caton, Chuck Morrison, Chuck
Claycomb, Lynn (Sheldon) Myers, Bart
Coakley, Pam (Spradlin) O'Donnell, Pat
Daniel, Joan (Dury) Ostrander, Rick
Davis, Bill Parker, Nancy
Dawson, Bill Peterson, John
Dean, Jody (Harper) Price, Jim
Doyle, Bill Probasco, Laura (Wendell)
Drake, Rick Prom, Leo
Feusner, Kyle Ramey, Steve
Foreman, Cathy Trimbach, Cathy
Fraher, Chris Trudeau, Mike
Gambs, Jeff Voelkel, Paul
Gilmore, Sharon (Watras) Voorhies, Sue (Spencer)
Glaze, Judy (Gaal) Walker, Sheila
Grieser, Barb Winters, Chris
Hathaway, Tom Winters, Dick
Henry, Sue Wise, Terry (Post)
Hodge, Sharon Young, Larry
Hoppe, Jon  

The UA Alumni Association (UAAA) protects each alum's private contact information by NOT posting it on or elsewhere. They do create mailing labels for reunion committees to use, and then when undeliverable mail is returned to us, we add that person's name to the class lost list and try to locate them. See the list of 1968 "lost" classmates on It is located under the list of names and email addresses.

NOTE: If you have moved in the past ten years, please update your contact information here.

Just like home addresses, UAAA does not publish alums' phone numbers online. They do like to have that information for their primary Database, so if your phone number has changed in the past ten years, please submit an update of your contact information here.

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